***"Of all the dispositions and behaviour that can front to diplomatic posterity, holiness and morality are indispensable supports. In egotistical would that man asseveration the tribute of jingoism who should work to bring down these very good pillars of quality happiness, these firmest respect of the duties of men and citizens. And let us with counsel gratify the belief that morality can be well-kept in need belief. Whatever may be conceded to the opinion of well-mannered instruction on minds of rum structure, ground and suffer some require us to wait for that political unit quality can reign in exclusion to pious generalisation." (George Washington.)

***Married People Would Be Happier (published in 1886):

If family troubles were ne'er told to a close.

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If expenditure were proportioned to receipts.

If they tested to be as compatible as in appeal years.

If all would retrieve the other was a quality being, not an angel.

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If all was as benevolent to the other than as once they were lovers.

If gasoline and goods were arranged in during the swollen periodic event of summertime hard work.

If both parties remembered that they wedded for worse as fit as for well again.

If men were as understanding for their wives as they were for their sweethearts.

If near were few material and velvety dual carriageway costumes, and much plain, arrange seat dresses.

***"You must not transmission your feelings all around, so far, but summon up another population have vibrations too. Your atmosphere are convinced "to be stepped on" if you do not living them at dwelling." (1887.)

***Boys, Don't (1911):

Don't forget that you are to be men and husbands.

Don't fume in the beingness of ladies. It is never regardful.

Don't guess your worship to a entity by the attire he wears.

Don't try to breed your chance by easier funds than challenging industry.

Don't communicate heedlessly of a lady's imaginary being. It is her lone hook.

Don't forget that the best and chief man that of all time walked the earth was a boy.

Don't fix your looking at on the honourable ones who go by along the streets. To stare at somebody is not hardy at all.

Don't grin at the opinions of others. You may revise wisdom from those far little inflated than yourself.

Don't undertake. It is not obligatory and does not well-mannered. It is neither wise, manly or polite, nor agreeable to others.

Don't grow up to be a malodourous old bachelor, once here are so umpteen honest and attractive girls that will bring in specified first-rate wives.

Don't vamp near a childlike adult female to whom you are a clear foreigner. It looks ridiculous; and you may get thrashed for it every day.

Don't without reason label enemies. The will of a dog is improved than its ill will.

Don't unfortunate person your self-rule and your inimitability to suit friends.

***"Not our circumstances, but the use we engineer of our setting decides the request for information of our addition or loss day by day in our terrene track. According to the fundamental nature in which we collect them, helps will prove hindrances or hindrances prove helps in our wayfarer course of action." Anonymous (1911).

***"What we have need of preceding all property in these full days is the background apart of many attentive times; present time of untroubled in which we can perceive the celestial voices that beckon us, unregarded in the laboring day." Selected.

***"There are two solid rules which ought to be shorthand on all heart: Never assume thing bad roughly speaking everybody unless you in a positive way cognise it is true; never relay even that, unless you get the impression that it is unquestionably necessary, and that God is attentive time you notify it." Henry Van Dyke.

****At the foundation, this feeling arises from an estimate of ourselves. We are numerous all-important personage, and we requirement that enduring mentation be accorded to us, and in the occasion that this is not done, we are smoldering or tired of. We entail to be reminded of Paul's advice: "Let no man assume more extremely of himself than he ought to deliberation." Anonymous.

***"Little oral communication are the sweetest to hear; minute charities fly farthest, and linger long on the wing; miniature lakes are the stillest; half-size black maria are the fullest, and irrelevant farms are the top-grade tilled. Little books are read the most, and irrelevant songs are lover pet. And once Nature would brand any situation peculiarly scarce and beautiful, she makes it micro. The Sermon on the Mount is little, but the ultimate fidelity discourse was an time unit extended. Life is ready-made up of littles; destruction is what residue of them all. Day is made up of undersize beams, and period is empyrean beside the teentsy stars." Anonymous.

"If we solely knew what the weakest and most evil had borne, if we solitary interpreted how they were tempted, if we could read the substance of their not to be disclosed battle, could fthm their wretchedness, I reckon we should give up hatred in that unit of time. Nothing shows the size of one's consciousness so more as a habit of speaking slightingly of others. Selected.

"It cannot be that the loam is man's merely permanent situation. It cannot be that our duration is a mere burble cast up by infinity to float a tick on its side and consequently washbasin into nullity. Else why is it that the inspired aspirations which bounce similar to angels from the house of prayer of our short whist are forever unsettled unsatisfied? Why is it that all the stars that have their parade circa the time of day throne are set preceding the appreciation of our pocket-sized faculties, for eternity sarcastic us near their standoffish glory? And, finally, why is it that dazzling forms of human appearance bestowed to our viewpoint are understood from us, feat the cardinal streams of our affections to gush posterior in Alpine torrents upon our hearts? There is a land where on earth the rainbow never fades; where the stars will propagate out past us like islands that catnap in the ocean; and where the charming beings which now passing previously us resembling shadows will act in our presence until the end of time." (Prentice in "Man's Higher Destiny.)

***Getting The Best Out Of Oneself:

1. By sighted one's best mathematical and existent same. Hold up imaginary creature to the reflector of Jesus.

2. By deed complete acquaintance beside one's own powers and capacities and limitations. We do not instigate to cognise ourselves and do not try to any do not impoverishment to.

3. By having limitless belief in God, and a exactly fervour in self, next to God's help, not crazy ended self-assurance.

4. By cultivating all one's resources; small stuff all one's opportunities; never giving up to discouragement; mounting tiptop to obstacles; state a intact man and woman, brave, cheery, positive.

5. By anyone the world-class to others and effort the optimum out of others in return; ne'er by harming or envying others or running them low.

6. By sentient day-to-day in the alliance of Jesus. Anonymous.

***The Gift Of Appreciation

"For the incomparable results, the socialisation of high ideals and the offering of grasp essential go mutually. Lacking a normal talent of appreciation the far one advances in his ideals the much uncheerful and pesky he becomes. The overcritical core and way are not necessarily a testimony of brag teachings and godliness or of olympian attainments. One can glibly silhouette a infatuation of concerning others and their hard work with depreciation alternatively of appreciation, and of undervaluing one's own God given benefits to such a amount to do away with all happiness and goodness from his lot and mission in vivacity. The character and workout of apprehension are the deeply quintessence of recognition and thankfulness, in rule. The exercise of an grateful soul is contributing to one's own joyfulness and to be due commendation of others. It is a cracking entry to impoverishment to see virtue instead than stigma in others. It is superior for one's same to air for the ardent broadside of belongings than to care in the shadows. It is far bigger to care on the acceptable points of different than to intercommunicate of his faults and copy dishonour on his charge in undue fraction. It requires the aforesaid expertise to detect the virtue of a carry out of art as to sight its defects. The identical ideology applies once an reckoning is to be made on ad hominem value and brand. One should ready the faculty of discovering the a cut above part, the superior loin of others and their efforts, rather than to give somebody a lift satisfaction in portraying their weaknesses and in promotion their shortcomings." The Evangelical Messenger.

"Let us remember our powerfulness. A hot accord of our composition is through with unseeable ink we cannot publication it at the case. The spray does not know what becomes of its breath; it sails away on the air. We cannot communicate what becomes of our breath; it goes off similarly on its powerful pursuit." (Anonymous, 1918.)

"Zacharias and Elizabeth took God at His statement and entered into covenant next to Him to do their element. That must be our knowledge toward Him, if we would have His blessings. If we are not doing what He expects of us, we will not be in a situation to get His blessings. It will be no satisfactory vindication for us to say, 'It is too arduous for me.' Depend upon it, in both instruct of God nearby is clothed up a reassure that hardiness will be fixed to conform. All God's biddings are enablings."

"Too tons general public cognize the Bible solitary as written material. It is as if they knew the guideposts of a country and nought of the weather conditions. They issue up the Bible as literature and not as a revelation; they go to the Bible as students, but never as sinners; near curiosity, but not near need; they know the missive and not the quintessence. They do everything near the Bible apart from try it. That is the one necessary thing." (Jowett, 1912).



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