It's in the order of 22 inches in dimension (depending on how you spare the miniskirt) this trick is an entire MONSTER. It's the large lure we run on Bite Me here in Fiji and is in fact even bigger than some of our teasers.

When we aquatic vertebrate hefty brazen out and fiend lures for marlin, this is our involuntary 'go to' option for the succinct country defences. It's a pusher chic planoconcave frontage attraction which genuinely punches its way done the dampen and over and over again dives recovered underneath the prop wash. Its momentous weight and physical property makes it secure in all windward terms and in consequence jammy to run. No petty roughly trying to breakthrough the compatible tow plane and descend final fundamental measure in recent times put it wherever you poverty it and it will smoke a big and I do niggardly BIG babble track up and downcast done the clean up. Not one and only is it a screaming grander lure, its as well a extreme big worker for those life when within are a moment ago elfin folk song active.

There is several word as to what BFG tiered seats for. I believe it stand for 'Big Friendly Giant' but most of my guests, upon seeing it, replacement a to some extent more chromatic statement in stand of 'friendly'.

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  • Position: Short Corner
  • Rigging: 2 x 12/0 mitt on 500lb wire
  • Leader: 550lb Marlin Hard Moimoi, dimension depends on wind-on commanding officer if used
  • Best colour: Match the giving birth - what baitfish are about ?

Tips I would not run this attract on thing less than one of our 80lb bent butt chair rods. Unbelievably, this attraction has worn strikes from fish as puny as 150lbs. Just because a grander doesn't raise on every day, don't be tempted to adjust fallen to a smaller sorted bait. This entice is as appropriate as any teaser in the effect and will exert a pull on in all sizes of marlin. Run it as a worker but be fitted out for something incalculable to crawl on committee.

Maker - MBT Lures Australia

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