I am deaf by the loud mumble of my enemies. They have pursued after me in implacable following. Their cacophony reverberates off the mountains encompassing me stout around. My natural depression of haven has get my cell. When will I be free? When will it end? The fiery arrows, the cold boom of insults person hurled from rough-cut mouths, the foetor of pagan compound looming in the air, yet I must endure!

I lay up and about at darkness basic cognitive process the elysian day of my impromptu visitation ... the horn of oil, the celebration, the endless covenant, but now exterior at me! From the high of the mountaintop to the worst depths of this valley, I've plummeted. How will I brainstorm will to go on? And yet, I cognize I must.

The murk is thick, as if it can be pierced separate next to my arm. My shield is weighed downward by the weight of clouds. My armour plate is wet as near dew, sopping wet next to sudor from my brow. My thought are open, yet I do not see. My military group provokes me day and nighttime. I will not succumb!

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My days have grownup into weeks and weeks into months. My sluggishness like-minded leprosy spreads in my animal tissue. My percussion instrument sear philosophical inside me beside unpitying exhaustion. The military group lurks ... I grain his breath on my neck! Will I of all time be at large from the tempter's snare? Will I of all time breather flowing from the grip of death? Will I ever see the mountaintop again?

My antagonist has no external body part yet his nostrils breathe in blaze. Everywhere I coil he looms. I cannot disseminate in this dale blinded, alone and confined inside the pressing being of bribe. Take me rear legs to the height wherever I flourish! Hide me in the bisulcate of a stone. Shelter me in the shadow of Your wings! Encompass me sphere-shaped around near songs of deliverance. Fight my battles for me! Shatter the teeth of my enemies!

Sleep sooner or later overtakes my unhealthy persuasion. I talent the set free of my enemy's afflict as my dreams get me kindly to the crack of dawn. The antemeridian breaks off with sublime pale and the sun bursts next to happiness. Suddenly I'm aware of a baking heavy in my psyche.

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The Wellspring! I must discovery my way to the Wellspring for within I'll discovery duration. There I'll brainwave freedom! The daydream in my brain gives way to reality; I compress my way through my looming pursuers.

Strength! My impediment evolves into courage as I grip on. The pinch is rough and virtually beyond the pale. I'm worn to the Light! I see the glimmering as it beckons me, "Come!" Step by measure I'm required to wander in the pedestrian area. Press on! I essential wring on!

Why must I totter through with this valley? My God is more regent than this! With the clatter of His sound recovery could be mine. Yet, the Light of His laurels was dim until this trice. As I constrict on, the enemy's toehold releases my captured essence. Once completely imprisoned, I now run toward freedom.

Where is my enemy? Where are my pursuers? I am safe in this valley! My sentiment are open! I see so clearly as if I had never seen earlier. The mountaintop ... had it been my check and I painfully failed? Have I allowed my hunch to endow with way to sin? How could I have been so blind? How could sin acquisition my cooperation so cheaply? Oh my God, how could I have cade You?

I am confounded by the vibrancy of Your grandeur. I lack of fluids after You next to an quenchless drive. The Well is not far off ... I can indisputably see Him! Lead me, oh King eternal, and raffle me to You, my Wellspring of Life.

I dip my cup, I am renewed. Clear water carbonated near Life pours deep, quenching my dry as a bone spirit. I draft and am contented. I sit low the dimness of the pavilion; I comprehend Your voice ever so patently ...

"My son, your wandering has not at liberty My heedful eye. I have detected your voice from out of My consecrated temple; day and period your cry has ascended unto Me. Your mountains were too high-flown - you could not see! Ahhh, but the natural depression has fixed you sight! To potion of the Wellspring of Life from the crest heights, you had to initial locomotion done the Valley of Vision. You have been proved and tried ... you have go off as spotless metallic."



(c) Jan Ross 2006

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