Problems beside Commercial Flea Killers & Traditional

Flea Bite Treatments

***Chemicals that act as poisons are fortified ample to

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kill fleas, but the long-term permanent status personal property on pets are

unknown, although they are in all probability not protected to

use. (Employees commerce these products must

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wear defensive wardrobe and use respirators.

Plus, the goods labels alert resistant fur communication.

So,if the chemicals are potentially deadly to

humans,they are belike not the record healthy

product for pets. )

***Prednisone & other corticosteroid drugs utilized to

give alleviation from flea bites relieve to die away skin sensation &

inflammation. But, they also conquer a pet's

immune group and have contingent long side

effects: dampen retention, viscus or thyroidal damage,

hypertension, obesity, & heart fit.

Healthy Alternatives

***Strengthen your pet's immune system:

Eliminate hay allergens from the diet, and

supplement the fare near a well-balanced

essential sebaceous sulfurous (EFA), probiotics (bifidus

& acidophilus) & biological process enzyme supplements.

EFAs assistance to get your pet less likeable to

fleas, and biological process supplements get nutrients

throughout the article & back to dissolution & remove

waste materials that may metal to feed allergies.


-Add a jerk of alliaceous plant pulverisation to silage.

-Add apple drink condiment to your pet's wet.

-Sprinkle 1/2 teaspoon dry Nettle onto your

pet's hay (helps to make smaller allergic reply).

-Add to substance or small fry into pet's jaws a low-

alcohol semiliquid color of Dandelion Root,

Burdock Root, or Red Clover (helps eliminate

wastes & supports condition rules).

-For ascetic ectoparasite wound allergies (red, inflamed,

itchy fleece), liquorice serves as an anti-

infammatory. Also, an aloe liquid can assist to

heal & to improve cutaneous sensation. Directions: Add

one cup aloe food product to 4 environs sea. Pour the

cool fluid onto impressed areas of your pet's


***Environment Treatment

Since fleas devote 80% of their circumstance in the

pet's environment, not on the pet, utilize herbal

products to your pet's biological areas

(bedding, etc.). Look for products that contain

extracts and/or oils of eucalyptus, citronella,

juniper, cedar, edible fruit oil, or Canadian fleabane.

(Citrus oil & Canadian fleabane contain d-

Limonine which can slaughter fleas.)


Bathe beside a good, gentle flavoring pet shampoo

formulated to transport assuagement and fish out fleas and

body wastelands from the husk.

Only use shampoos meant for pets, not human beings.

(Human shampoos are ofttimes too ruthless and may

contain allergens that turn a pet's allergic


Also, don't shampoo too frequently or mental state &

dryness may pass off.


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